Emergency dental hubs are being set up all across the country to allow dentists to safely deliver care to patients who require to be seen urgently. There will be hubs for people who are both symptomatic and non symptomatic of COVID 19. Your dentist will be able to refer you to your local hub if needed. As we understand you MUST NOT turn up to a dental hub without an appointment to ensure the health and safety of both yourself and others.

​Across the country teams are working incredibly hard to set up emergency dental hubs so that safe effective care can be delivered to patients. These emergency hubs are operated on a referral base only. This means that you must speak to your dentist or NHS 111 and be referred to the correct hub prior to attending and appointment to ensure the safety of both yourself and others. 



Northern Ireland


Pond Street-Camarthen

Winch Lane-HaverfordWest

Cardigan Integrated Care Centre- Cardigan

North East

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Yorkshire and the Humber

West Midlands

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East of England

Greater London


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