Advice following dental extraction:


Advice following dental extraction:

Do not disturb the blood clot (with toothbrush, sharp food or tongue)

Gently brush adjacent teeth to keep surrounding area to socket clean

Blood stained saliva is normal following a dental extraction. 

Eat soft foods

Avoid hot drinks and exercise

Take painkillers if required

Avoid alcohol and smoking

If you have bleeding following recent dental extraction please read the following advice:

Active bleeding:

Sit upright and apply pressure to the extraction site by biting on a clean cotton handkerchief or a rolled up piece of gauze for 20 minutes.

Check and repeat if required.

If bleeding does not stop after 3 attempts of pressure placement as above, please call your dentist or call NHS 111

Avoid spitting or rinsing the mouth for 24 hours

Are you taking any blood thinning medication or do you have any bleeding problems? 

If the socket continues to ooze blood it is likely that you will require urgent dental assessment. Please call your dentist or NHS 111


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