Help with sensitive teeth



This is probably the most common problem with teeth. Normally this is simply because the gum has moved back from the enamel on the tooth exposing the dentine, neck or root surface of the tooth and sensitive tooth pastes applied directly onto the affected area will help if you do this a few times a day and just before bed leaving this in place whilst sleeping. It takes a few days to help but usually does.

Whilst doing this try and avoid things straight out of the fridge or kettle to minimise further issues whilst things are getting better.

If the symptoms don’t get better or they worsen and start to become a tooth ache then at the moment there are limited things we can do. Still continue as above as this can only help. Clean the area as well as possible but do not traumatise the area by being overzealous.

Pain relief is clearly the most sensible way forward but if you are exhibiting symptoms of Covid 19 then avoid the use of ibuprofen.

Get in touch with your dental practice and they should be able to give you further advice and hopefully give you directions to your local treatment hub. These are being set up all over the UK to help emergency patients although the treatment offered in these hubs is likely to be limited.

If you would like to contact one of our dentists online then please do, we will be happy to give you some advice.


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