If they are over 8 then you can normally get a good history off them.

WHAT is the problem?

WHEN did it start?

WHAT makes it better or worse?

HOW LONG does the discomfort last?

Getting a good history off children is really important. One really common issue if they have developed a cavity is pain whilst eating or straight after. This is because food has got stuck inbetwen teeth and caused swelling. This swelling then gets bashed with more food and it starts hurting. Make sure that you have had a good look round, this is easiest with them lieing down on a bed with a good light source.

If you can see the hole it normally is a slightly darker colour than the rest and if you see the trapped food, brush it out carefully side to side maybe with a little dental tape dipped in some warm salt water.

Other common problems are bumped front teeth, normally just monitor over time for changes in symptoms or colour but as ever call and get advice from your dentist.

Please note: If your child has uncontrolled bleeding, has suffered trauma (especially with a knock to the head) or has dental swelling that is spreading and is compromising their breathing, swallowing or is causing the eye to close and/or visual changes please contact 111 or 999 as this is a dental emergency. 


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