Is there a sharp wire? if you have a sharp wire on your fixed brace or bonded retainer- try to bend any sharp ends using tweezers, a pencil with a rubber on the end or the end of a teaspoon.

If you have any orthodontic wax you can roll this into a ball and place it over the exposed wire. Babybel cheese wax works well too! Blue tack or even chewing gum may help.

Broken bracket?

This is not urgent unless it is causing trauma to the soft tissues. Contact your dentist for advice. It is likely that you will be advised to leave the bracket. 


Broken retainer

If your retainer has broken continue to wear it as much as possible.  you can use some small scissors to trim any sharp edges. If you are struggling to wear it you may have to cease wearing it. 

Lost retainer: ​

If you have lost your retainer contact your dentist to see if they have your previous moulds so that they can make you a replacement. 


Lost retainer: ​

If you have lost your aligner- go back to the last fitting aligner contact your dentist to see if they are happy for you to move on to the next aligner. 


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