This in the vast majority of cases is absolutely nothing to worry about, simply identify the area that is bleeding and give that area an extra brush for 4-5 days and the bleeding should stop.

If it persists then it could be that there is a gum problem somewhere. Here either rinse with Corsodyl mouthwash (non- branded versions are available), or with warm salt water three times a day in addition to your normal routine.

Make sure you are using interdental brushes and or dental tape ( better than floss ) to get in between your teeth and try and reduce the amount of sugars you are eating. The bacteria that cause gum problems and tooth decay love sugar!

If you are taking blood thinning medications then it might take a little longer for things to calm down, down hurt yourself whilst cleaning though be slow and deliberate and again looking in a mirror with a good light source is helpful ( it’s what your dentist does! ).

Please note: If you have uncontrolled bleeding, have suffered trauma or you have dental swelling that is spreading and is compromising your breathing, swallowing or is causing your eye to close or and visual changes please contact 111 or 999 as this is a dental emergency. 


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