This is a common problem, particularly with a new denture.

Normally one or two visits to your dentist will fix this with some careful and focused adjustments in the areas that are causing the soreness.

The trick here is to try and locate those areas that are rubbing. If you leave the denture in place for 5 mins or so then when it is removed you should be able to see any “rubbing areas” as small red spots. Here it is a good idea to have a decent light source and a mirror, locate the reddened area and usually it is apparent as to the small lump or bump on the denture base that needs to be eased.

An Emory board is the best thing to use here but snap it in half to make manipulating it easier. You will need to repeat this at least half a dozen times to feel the difference remembering that the sore area will still be sore and so you are looking at things being more comfortable rather than perfect to start with.

Denture fixative can also be used to provide an extra “cushion” even if you don’t normally use it. There are also fixative pads which can help, these sometimes need to be cut to fit, use sharp scissors other wise it will tear making its own edge.


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