Lost crown:

If you have lost a crown of a tooth then make sure you keep it in a safe place where it won’t get lost or binned.

There are kits you can get to recement these back into place over the internet and make sure your read the instructions before you start and remember it may be a good idea to have a second pair of hands to help if they are available.

Keep the area dry before you start with cotton wool or similar, this really does help. If you can’t get hold of this then denture fixative inside the crown can keep it place for a number of hours before it needs to be re applied but try and leave it out overnight just in case you swallow it.

If none of these options appeal keep it safe and your dentist can pop it back ASAP when all returns to normal. There may be some adjustment needed as teeth move and change position over time but this should be minimal. Remember to keep the area clean in the meantime to avoid any other issues developing.

Broken or sharp tooth:

These can be really uncomfortable particularly if it starts to affect your tongue.

There are two ways of dealing with this at home.

The first is to try and file down the sharp bit. If your or your partner (or children if you trust them) get an emery board, nail file etc and snap it in half so it is a manageable size you can then use the rough surface to smooth over the sharp section. It does take a while so persevere. The second is to try and cover or fill the gap that has led to the edge. There are temporary dental filling kits which you can get delivered over the internet and it is important that you read the instructions on these carefully before you start. Important to remember when using these to dry the area before you start so cotton wool pads buds are useful. If you can’t get hold of these then as a temporary measure chewing gum can help to cover areas but this is clearly a very temporary fix.


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